Jessie’s Story

I knew I had a problem deep down but I was too terrified to tell anyone, or to stop drinking.  I would try to stop for a few days, sometimes even a few weeks but I would always end up drinking and usually on a bender.  I was ruining relationships, had lost my job, broken trust and my health was in jeopardy.  The first hospital visit wasn’t enough to get me sober, it wasn’t until the second visit that I finally surrendered and realised I needed help.  Full of fear, I went to my very first AA meeting.  I was greeted with bright eyes, warm smiles, and the offer of a cuppa.  I spent years feeling so alone, feeling that no one would understand me.  In the meeting, I heard stories similar to my own, people that understood what I was going through and people that were successfully sober. AA has given me my life back and I am forever grateful.